Paul Nelson :: "American Sentences"

Paul Nelson :: "American Sentences"

1.23.03 - Mom's advice translated poorly: The stars incline but they do not force.

1.30.03 - @ the library Blunck warns: I wouldn't bring up the morning penis.

2.01.03 - 1st Israeli astronaut immolates over Palestine, Texas.

2.20.03 - Sherry Marx reports of the peace protester who broke a man's nose.

2.22.03 - Raphael says why didn't they just take off the S make it Laughter?

3.21.03 - Ground TOTALLY pink from fallen blossoms except for piles of dog shit.

4.01.03 - P.O.W. freed her home town in West Virginia Palestine.

4.07.03 - Found in Iraq: WEAPONS of MASS DESTRUCTION or maybe pesticides.

4.09.03 - Maintenance man leaves a note says: ...can't fix your faucet its threads are striped.

6.03.03 - Arkansas women dies leaping through her sun roof a mistaken rapture.

6.03.03 - A man dressed as Jesus loses twelve helium-filled blowup sex dolls.

6.09.03 - Is it Breakfast of Champions or Bodhisattva of Compassion.

6.14.03 - Is it an Australian kiss when graffiti says: Kiss Me Down Under?

6.28.03 - She shoots me in the ear I shoot her in the eye our June waterfight.

7.03.03 - Fireworks stand don't sell W.M.D.'s - Brian says: Try the tribe.

7.17.03 - My binoculars scan the coastal mountains then WHOA! A GIANT EAR!

7.17.03 - Mountains receding from the ferry! Rebecca looks & overboard spits.

7.23.03 - We hit a little bump in the driveway Ma says: Ow Pinga Jesus!

7.26.03 - Shape of trees that overhang the boulevard bent by path of trucks.

8.09.03 - Stop sign on Wilson west of Kedzie someone put sticker says: BREEDING.

8.16.03 - Powwow elders lead the Kaya dance - their grandsons wear football jerseys.

9.03.03 - Pro-life murderer Paul Hill today executed in Florida.

9.22.03 - Holly Patterson took RU 486 and aborted herself.

10.27.03 - We play ding-dong-ditch on the Russians w/ our cock-eyed Jack-O-Lantern.

11.17.03 - Our Jack-O-Lanterns were like two old men dying in a splash of guts.

11.22.03 - w/ serious faces they all wait outside the hospital & smoke.

Paul Nelson is a writer. Visit his websites at www.globalvoicesradio.org and www.americansentencs.com.

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